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Calgary City Council received a scientific review on water fluoridation from the O'Brien Institute for Public Health in July 2019. A public hearing was scheduled for July 24 but was postponed.  We have the details below for the NEW HEARING DATE. Recommendations will follow so it is critical for citizens to participate. You can help us ensure City Council does not restart artificial water fluoridation.

  • JOIN US for the WATER FLUORIDATION PUBLIC HEARING at City Council Chambers Tuesday Oct 29, 2019. Give an up to 5 minute presentation or just attend to show support.  Please register here if you plan to come. 
    IMPORTANT: If you register above for the hearing and plan to address council for up to 5 minutes, please also preregister with the City via email at
    SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOUR SUPPORT!  If you can't attend, please write a submission.

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  6. Print and Share our files: Water Fluoridation Basics flyer & Take Action campaign poster.

"My attitude is that the world is full of problems created and maintained by humans and some are more universal and dire in effect than fluoridation. But fluoridation is one of the more easily solvable problems and when we solve it we demonstrate that people can take just power into their own hands and make the world a bit better for many if not for all. People need such demonstrations. Then on to the next.”   Dr. James Beck, co-author of THE CASE AGAINST FLUORIDE

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It is time to stand up and protect the safety of our water!