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  • Chemically raising the fluoride levels in a population’s water to 0.7 parts per million (ppm) or 0.7 milligrams per litre (mg/l)

  • Which is equal to .23 milligrams (mg) in a 333 milliliter (ml) glass of water

  • Which is equal to a pea-sized amount of toothpaste

Since the 1970s, US and Canadian residents have been ingesting increasing amounts of fluoride whether their water is fluoridated or not. These increasing levels of exposure are due to:


  • The widespread availability of fluoridated toothpaste, mouthwash, and other fluoridated dental products.

  • Increased fluoride levels in conventionally grown & especially processed foods & drinks with some products now containing as much as 9 times the amount of fluoride in fluoridated water. 

US and Canadian dental and public health associations acknowledge processed food and drink sources of fluoride when discussing risks of over exposure to fluoride with fluoride supplements and baby formula mixed with fluoridated water, yet completely ignore or dismiss these other sources of fluoride when promoting water fluoridation. 

What is even more contradictory are the guidelines for dosage monitoring, and the need to acquire consent that dentists must follow when they are advising parents about the safe use of fluoridated toothpaste, mouthwash, and oral supplements, but then pay no attention to dosage monitoring or consent when insisting that municipalities fluoridate public water.

For example, a pea size amount of regular fluoridated toothpaste contains the same amount of fluoride as a regular glass of fluoridated water (0.23 mg), yet the CDA states that a child under the age of 3 must not be given any fluoridated toothpaste or at most, a rice grain amount of toothpaste.

The CDA also states that children under 3 should not be given any fluoridated mouthwash rinses, and as for fluoride supplements, the CDA and ADA stipulate that babies under 6 months cannot be given any amount, and children between 6 months and 3 years can be given no more than 0.25 mg of fluoride per day and only if they are in a non fluoridated region with no access to fluoridated toothpaste.

Yet somehow it's safe for babies in fluoridated regions to absorb levels of fluoride that far surpass fluoride levels in recommended amounts of toothpaste or 0.25 mg supplements when they are bottle fed with fluoridated water, and eventually through any water they drink or foods and drinks their parents prepare for them with fluoridated water.

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