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  • What are our rights?
    All citizens have the right to safe, clean, and un-medicated water.
  • Why is fluoridation unethical?
    It is not ethical to force a toxic substance on people without informed consent.
  • What happens when I swallow it?
    Swallowing fluoride delivers it to the entire body with the potential to harm the brain, thyroid, bones, and kidneys.
  • Can I control the strenghth?
    When medicine is delivered by public water, it is only possible to control the concentration, not the dose or dosage.
  • How does it affect pregnant mothers and babies?
    When pregnant mothers and babies drink fluoridated water, they get a much higher dose of toxic fluoride, causing damage to brains and other body systems.
  • Doesn't mother's milk contain fluoride?
    Babies get a much higher dose of toxic fluoride when formula is made from fluoridated water, which has as much as 200 times the amount of fluoride as mother’s breast milk.
  • I thought water contained fluoride naturally.
    Fortunately, it is found in small amounts in our rivers. Sadly, what is used for water fluoridation is a toxic substance from the industrial waste stacks in the USA and China.
  • What if I want fluoride for my teeth?
    There are better, proven, and safer ways to provide fluoride such as fluoridated toothpaste, rinses, mouthwashes, foams, varnishes, gels and inexpensive fluoride supplements. Published research shows that children living in regions without fluoridated water are already ingesting too much fluoride. Toothpaste companies specifically offer non-fluoridated toothpaste choices that are marketed as safe to swallow.
  • How prevalent are non-fluoridated areas?
    97% of Europe and 98% of British Columbia and Quebec are not fluoridated. Less than 6% of the world is fluoridated, and less than 40% of Canada.
  • Do professionals support or reject fluoridation?
    Almost 5,000 professionals worldwide have had the courage to sign an open letter against this outdated public health policy.
  • Can fluoride damage teeth?
    Fluorosis, the first visible sign of fluoride toxicity, is now affecting more than 50% of teens in the United States, and can cost thousands of dollars to repair.
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