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  • New Science | Safe Water Calgary

    THE NEW SCIENCE SHOWS FLUORIDE IS NOT SAFE T here are strong Canadian connections with all these studies, Christine Till, who was the lead author of both the Green and Till studies, teaches at York University; Bruce Lanphear (co-author of the Green and Till studies) is an American citizen but teaches at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and Howard Hu, the lead author of the Bashash studies did his research at the University of Toronto for many years. ​ Till et al., February 2023 – Professor Christine Till and PhD student Meaghan Hall found an association between fluoride exposure from tap water and hypothyroidism in pregnancy. They say this latest study may explain an earlier study looking at maternal fluoride exposure in pregnancy and lower IQ in boys. “The findings are concerning because hypothyroidism is a known cause of brain-based disorders in children,” says Till. Hall and Till say they hope that policy makers will consider this new research when evaluating the safety of community water fluoridation Well-designed prospective cohort studies funded by both the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences [NIEHS] in the USA as well as Health Canada, have shown a loss of IQ and increased symptoms of ADHD in offspring when pregnant women are exposed to fluoride at doses commonly experienced in fluoridated communities in Canada (Bashash, 2017, 2018 and Green, 2019). The consequences are shocking! According to Dr. Philippe Grandjean, from Harvard University, “Fluoride is causing a greater overall loss of IQ points today than lead, arsenic or mercury” , as detailed in this risk analysis . Till et al., 2020 have shown a large reduction in IQ when children were bottle-fed as babies in communities which were fluoridated, compared with babies who were bottle-fed in non-fluoridated communities. According to Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., former Director of the U.S. NIEHS (2009-2019) and two leading public health researchers (Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH, and Christine Till, PhD) who authored two key fluoride-IQ studies (Green, 2019 and Till, 2020), ingestion of fluoride during pregnancy confers no dental benefit to the fetus, so this is a situation where risks are being taken for no proven benefit ( see their editorial published in Environmental Health News, Oct 7 2020 ). An important well-conducted study from Sweden has shown an increased prevalence of hip fracture in post-menopausal women associated with long term exposure to natural fluoride at levels in water in the same range as Canada fluoridates its water [ Helte et. al., 2021 ] . This is very serious because, as you probably know, hip fractures in the elderly are debilitating, costly to treat, lead to a loss of independence and often shortens the life of those impacted. This finding also underlines the fact that fluoride can impact our health over a whole lifetime of exposure. OTHER WELL-RESPECTED SCIENCE These icons will reveal the following scientific studies from the years 2000 and 2015: A letter from the chair of the advisory panel for the year 2000 British York Review followed by the complete review which at the time was considered the most rigorous and respected scientific review on the effects of water fluoridation. A summary of the year 2015 Cochrane review on the effects of water fluoridation. NOTE: The Cochrane Review, the 2000 York Review, and the 2006 US National Academies of Sciences National Research Council's 3.5 year review are the only independent systematic reviews ever done on the scientific research looking at the effects of fluoride in drinking water. This makes these reviews the most rigorous & least biased. Further descriptions about systematic reviews are offered on the Making Sense of the Science page. Chair of Advisory Panel for York Review Summary Cochrane Review (2015) Making Sense of the Science

  • Fluoride Free | Safe Water Calgary

    1/14 FLUORIDATION FACTS TO KNOW View EYE OPENING NEW SCIENCE View ETHICAL DILEMMA View THEM VERSUS US View Christine Till Presents to the Rotary Club of Calgary Christine Till is one of Canada's leading scientists. She is a tenured Associate Professor in the Clinical Developmental Area in the Department of Psychology and Faculty of Health at York University , Toronto, Ontario. She is also appointed as an Adjunct Scientist of the Neurosciences and Mental Health Research Program at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Below she gives an in-depth look at the detail of her studies on fluoride. She says: "How much more information is needed before we raise concerns...?" TAKE ACTION A STATEMENT FROM SAFE WATER CALGARY Who We Are and What We Beli ev e Artificial water fluoridation is a serious public health threat to many Calgarians. And to citizens in Edmonton, Toronto, and Regina. It’s not just Alberta, and it’s not just Canada’s problem. Fluoridation’s well-documented health risks are not confined by provincial or national borders. The best studies published in the world’s leading journals, provide solid scientific evidence that it can significantly lower IQ in children . Many of these studies have been led by Canadian scientists. Fluoride is a known neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor that can exacerbate diabetes, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, bone fractures and many other harmful conditions, whether in Calgary, New York, or Sydney. Most nations and cities have long rejected or not even considered fluoridation. 95% of the world’s people drink unfluoridated water, 97% in Europe , where numerous countries prohibit it, including France, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. In Canada, both British Columbia and Quebec are 98% fluoridation-free , and there is no evidence they have higher cavity rates than provinces with higher fluoridation rates. ​ We’re proud to work with other advocates across Canada and all over the world. We’re helping to protect health, wherever you live, whatever political party you belong to and whatever you believe about other controversial topics. We're an all-volunteer grassroots organization where people who may not agree on other issues have come together. We unite people. We don’t divide them. We recognize fluoridation’s health risks and the simple truth that it’s totally misguided to put ANY drug into drinking water . ​ It is also highly unethical, hurting those who are least able to protect themselves. It’s minimally effective if at all, and low-income families cannot afford expensive filters or bottled water to avoid it. They have no choice but to expose themselves and their children to this hazardous chemical. ​ Artificial water fluoridation is Safe Water Calgary's only issue. We won't be distracted by others. We unapologetically accept support from people everywhere to help protect Calgarians from this egregious practice, just as we will support people in other communities around the world. We're all in this great cause together. ​ We believe most people who support artificial water fluoridation are well-intended, including those in authority positions. Unfortunately, they are underinformed or misinformed about its serious health risks and ineffectiveness. We at Safe Water Calgary will take the high road and not resort to personal attacks. However, we will challenge anyone when misinformation is disseminated. We will continue to speak truth to power until this outdated and dangerous practice is ended . Review References for this Mailer Review References for this Mailer OUR CAMPAIGN SAFE WATER CALGARY’S TOP 10 REASONS NOT TO FLUORIDATE Fluoride is a proven neurotoxin and is one of the most toxic substances on the planet, more toxic than lead and almost as toxic as arsenic! NOT what we want to add to our pristine public water! Fluoride and fluoridation are most harmful to babies, children, the disadvantaged, the poor and people of colour. Fluoride is NOT a vitamin or nutrient, and is NOT needed for a single body function. 99% of fluoridated water is used to water lawns, flush toilets, shower and bath, and also by industry; then flushed into our ecosystems mostly unchecked. This is NOT green. Water fluoridation does NOT make economic sense in good economic times and most certainly not in tough, tight economies. 98% of British Columbia, 98% of Quebec, 97% of Europe and 95% of our world do NOT fluoridate. Non-fluoridated areas are in the vast majority! Skyrocketing fluorosis is the first visible sign of overdosing and toxicity. It is highly unethical to mass medicate, especially without informed consent, monitoring or follow up. Politicians should NOT mass medicate, nor should citizens vote by plebiscite on who should be medicated. Choice is of utmost importance!! A major court case is underway in the USA Federal courts since 2016 against the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for adding a toxic substance to public water. Confirmed under oath—fluoride is a medication! DONATE JOIN OUR MAILING LIST Content on this website has been vetted by PhDs in Biochemistry & Chemistry, a former dean of Science, pharmacists, and PhDs in Toxicology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and other related fields from across Canada and the United States. Two of these researchers took part in the National Academies of Sciences' National Research Council's (NRC) 3.5 year Systematic Review on the effects of fluoride in drinking water. The NRC review along with the year 2000 York Review and year 2015 Cochrane Review are the only independent comprehensive systematic reviews ever conducted on the effects of fluoride in drinking water.

  • Write Council | Safe Water Calgary

    Write to City Council to Advocate for Safe Clean Water A short personalized letter is best to send to your Councillor, or a version of the letter below. (Email addresses and distribution lists provided below) Hello Mayor and Councillor: I reside in the community of ____________, in Ward ___. ​ I ask you not to support water fluoridation to be reintroduced in Calgary’s public water. Fluoride and artificial water fluoridation are neither safe, effective nor ethical. ​ When added to public water, there is no control over dose, and fluoride is not needed for a single body function. I will support a Councillor who supports freedom of choice. Artificial water fluoridation denies a person's right to choose, and is done without their informed consent. ​ You cannot guarantee that fluoride is safe and effective for everyone. ​ I look forward to your response. ​ Sincerely, ​ Say NO to water fluoridation in Calgary Mayor and Council Members Email Distribution List – Calgary , , , , , , , , , , , , , , BCC: ​ Calgary also has an online contact submission form with an option to send to all wards . Email Distribution List – Strathmore , , , , , , BCC: Email Distribution List – Airdrie , , , , , , BCC: Email Distribution List – Chestermere , , , , , , BCC:

  • About | Safe Water Calgary

    ABOUT US OUR MISSION OUR VISION Safe Water Calgary is dedicated to working with city officials and qualified experts to ensure that our water is the safest possible given our available resources. Our goal is to provide the most relevant, verifiable, and least biased data on the long term effects of fluoride. FOUNDER – SAFE WATER CALGARY Dr. Bob Dickson , Founder of Safe Water Calgary is interviewed on his involvement in Human Rights Various individuals and groups on occasion attempt to influence City Council to re-introduce fluoridation chemicals to Calgary's water system. Note: Airdrie, Chestermere, and Strathmore residents receive their water from Calgary. Calgarians will be voting via plebiscite, in the upcoming civic elections on October 18, 2021 , on whether to medicate their neighbours. The Calgary water system WILL BE refluoridated UNLESS WE RALLY SUPPORT ! TAKE ACTION Safe Water Calgary has created an informational flyer to educate its citizens. Dr. Bob Dickson in the Media Featuring SWC founder Dr. Dickson The Truth About Water Fluoridation March 19, 2021 / Calgary, AB VIdeo Interview ​ Interview by Malcom Saunders. For more visit Light Cellar Superfood, Elixir, Ferment, and Craft Chocolate shop Featuring SWC founder Dr. Dickson The Dark Side of Fluoride with Dr. Bob 2020 / Calgary, AB Podcast ​ Interview by Jade Stevens. For more visit Featuring SWC founder Dr. Dickson Fluoride Debate Back in Calgary December 3, 2020 Podcast Fluoride debate back in Calgary ( ​ Interview by Danielle Smith. For more visit Danielle Smith ( The following documents our struggles in 2019 #WhatTheFluoride Calgary! - PART 3 - Nov 18, 2019 AMA Ignores Request to Consider New Science Regarding Fluoride IMPORTANT NEW SCIENCE: Why the Alberta Medical Association Should Not Ignore Anti-fluoride Research

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  • Our Campaign | Safe Water Calgary

    OUR CAMPAIGN On October 18th , the city of Calgary, Alberta is holding a plebiscite vote deciding whether to re-introduce fluoridation chemicals — in this case fluorosilicic acid — into the public water supply of over 1.3 million residents! Ad in the Calgary Herald Review References Ad in the Calgary Sun Review References T his is the seventh time the issue has been put to a vote since the 1950s; of the six previous votes, four rejected the practice and two favoured fluoridation. In 1991, the city council added the chemical to the water, but twenty years later, in 2011, they voted to remove it. They did so because of the extremely high cost combined with the government’s acknowledgement that children were being overexposed to fluoride on a massive scale, causing a lowering of the recommended fluoride level in water by 40% from 1.2ppm to 0.7ppm. ​ The dental lobby then spent years bullying the council, as well as misleading the public about a flawed study that claimed to show an increase in dental decay in Calgarians after fluoridation cessation. Their pressure culminated in a 2019 council hearing on water fluoridation to hear public testimony and a review of the science by the O’Brien Institute for Public Health. During that presentation, Dr. William Ghali, MD described the growing science on the cognitive effects of fluoride (see additional testimony ). Since this hearing, additional high-quality studies have been published linking fluoride exposure during pregnancy and infancy to neurotoxicity (Riddell 2019 , Till 2020 , Grandjean 2020 , Grandjean 2021 , Cantoral 2021 ). This should have been the end, however, the city council was unwilling to let down the dental-lobby, so they chose to defer the decision to voters. ​ Safe Water Calgary is leading the campaign to keep fluoridation chemicals out of Calgary’s water. We are a well-organized and all-volunteer group of local citizens including concerned parents and professionals, led by Dr. Bob Dickson, MD . We have been utilizing both traditional and modern campaign strategies, including distributing yard signs, handing out leaflets at local events, sending out mail inserts, generating earned media, and creating advertisements for various social media sites, radio, and news outlets. Follow us on Facebook to see some of our ads and memes. If you live in Calgary, please vote NO on the plebiscite, tell your friends and family to vote NO and please volunteer. We need "all hands on deck" to help with a variety of tasks, so please don't hesitate if you have any extra time between now and October 18th. Just email: ​ Please make a donation today, to help fund more advertising time, as well as the printing of more signs, leaflets, and door hangers. We need to educate hundreds-of-thousands of voters in such a short period of time. DONATE TODAY ​ A Local Campaign With A Global Impact ​ While the decision in Calgary will have a direct impact on residents within the city and surrounding communities, there is little doubt that it will also have a much broader impact, especially throughout Canada. Canada’s medical and dental establishments, and especially Health Canada, have been blatantly pro-fluoridation. In spite of that, Canada has been one of the western world's biggest success stories. Many of its cities and communities have stopped fluoridation in the past few decades, and some provinces like British Columbia and Quebec are 98% fluoridation-free. ​ Now, fluoridationists are working aggressively to reverse our momentum. They convinced the city council in Windsor, Ontario to re-instate fluoridation last year, and weeks ago they lobbied the Regina, Saskatchewan city council behind the scenes to vote for fluoridation with almost no public notice or input. This is about far more than Calgary. If they win here, they will roll out their efforts all over Canada, making it far more difficult for citizens everywhere to keep or make their water safe for all citizens.

  • | Safe Water Calgary

    Processed Food & Drink Even if you don’t live in a community that adds fluoride to its water supply, you will still be exposed to fluoridated drinking water. This is because once fluoride is added en masse to water it winds in almost all processed beverages and foods. In the U.S., studies have shown that sodas, juices, sports drinks, beers, and many other processed foods, including infant foods, now have elevated fluoride levels. For more information click here . Back

  • Baby Formula and Fluoridated ... | Safe Water Calgary

    BABY FORMULA & FLUORIDATED WATER The icon provided on Fluoride Formula Calculations shows on page 1, how babies fed formula mixed with fluoridated water receive amounts of fluoride that exceed the Canadian Dental Association’s daily limits, and far surpass amounts of fluoride found in breast milk. Pages 2 and 3 of this document provide the formulas, and references needed for making the calculations on page1. Fluoride Formula Calculations

  • Supplements | Safe Water Calgary

    FLUORIDE SUPPLEMENTS At the right (below on mobile) are guidelines for prescribing oral fluoride supplements from the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) and the American Dental Association (ADA) . Relevant text has been highlighted. Also the table in the ADA file and Table II on page 7 in the CDA doc shows the amounts of oral fluoride supplements that dentists can prescribe for children per day. Dentists cannot prescribe any amount of a fluoride supplement to babies 6 months or younger and a maximum of 0.25 mg of a fluoride supplement to babies between 6 months and 3 years. ​ Fluoridated water = 0.7ppm = 0.7mg / l = 0.23 mg fluoride in a regular glass of water (333 ml) , which means that fluoridated water results in bottle fed babies, children and people of all ages ingesting amounts of fluoride that surpass the daily limits of fluoride supplements that Canadian and US dentists can prescribe to people living in non-fluoridated areas. As the CDA & ADA texts stipulate, before a US or Canadian dentist can prescribe fluoride supplements, the dentist must first: Assess their patients dental caries risks (diet, oral hygiene habits, etc.) Ensure that their patient is consuming non-fluoridated water with naturally low levels of fluoride. Assess the patient’s overall daily exposure to fluoride from toothpaste, mouthwashes, foods & drinks. TAKE HOME MESSAGES When dentists or doctors endorse water fluoridation, they are encouraging a practice that results in children and adults receiving more daily fluoride than a dentist or doctor can prescribe in the form of oral fluoride supplements. Contrary to administering fluoride through public water, prescribing oral fluoride supplements requires: Individual assessment of dental caries risk Individual assessment of overall daily fluoride exposure levels Dosage monitoring CONSENT FINAL NOTE People who truly want to swallow daily fluoride can get a prescription and purchase a year's supply of fluoride supplements for as little as $13. American Dental Association Supplements American Dental Association Supplements Canadian Dental Association Supplement Guidelines Canadian Dental Association General Guidelines

  • Media Bias | Safe Water Calgary

    MEDIA BIAS SAFE WATER CALGARY MEDIA RELEASE October 13, 2021 POSTMEDIA CENSORS SAFE WATER CALGARY ADS IN HERALD, SUN Postmedia, the media company operating the Calgary Herald and Sun, has banned half-page ads Safe Water Calgary had been running opposing water fluoridation in the upcoming plebiscite. The ads had already run in the Sun on Wednesday and the Herald Thursday and Friday. They were scheduled to run Saturday in the Herald and Sunday in the Sun. Safe Water Calgary had already been guaranteed the ads would be run by Postmedia and had already paid for them in full. It is currently looking into legal options. On Friday, Safe Water Calgary was asked by Postmedia to either reduce their ad to merely saying people should vote No and reference their website or provide a citation or direct URL for numerous statements in the ad. Safe Water Calgary responded within an hour by providing both citations and URL’s for all the statements Postmedia had highlighted. Safe Water Calgary also pointed out that these references were freely available to the public on its website at . Less than two hours later, Dean Jager, Director of Media Sales, e-mailed Safe Water Calgary saying “I am writing to inform you that we cannot accept your advertisement at this time.” Jager has not responded to multiple requests from Safe Water Calgary for an explanation why they are now banning the ads. “This is an outrage,” Dr. Robert Dickson, MD, Safe Water Calgary director, asserted. “This is censorship – pure and simple. Are we still in Canada? Do we still have freedom of speech? Postmedia is favoring one side in this debate, restricting the rights of the other side to be heard – an egregious violation of journalism ethics.” Contact: Robert Dickson, MD, Founder and Director, Safe Water Calgary 403-560-4574 Newspaper ads and references, with URL’s, to statements made in them are at .

  • Fluoride in Processed Food | Safe Water Calgary

    FLUORIDE IN PROCESSED FOOD & DRINK THREE MAIN REASONS Conventionally Grown and Especially Processed Food & Drink Now Contain so much Fluoride Fluoride based pesticides such as Cryolite (Sodium hexafluoroaluminate) and fumigation products such as sulfuryl fluoride are commonly used in industrial farming. The more the fruit, vegetable, grain, dried fruit, seed or nut are sprayed with fluoride pesticides and/or fumigation products, the more the food will contain fluoride ions which cannot be washed off and will enter your body when you eat these foods or anything made with these foods. The processing of foods, drinks, soups etc. with fluoridated water in fluoridated regions such as Ontario, Alberta and many US states results in these items containing significant amounts of fluoride. The levels of fluoride in these products vary depending on a number of factors such as how much fluoridated water is used, the degree to which the volume of the product is diminished from cooking, dehydration etc., the amount of fluoride the foods originally contained from any treatment with fluoride pesticides and/or if they were grown in phosphate fertilizer. The widespread use of phosphate fertilizer is another way fluoride levels have increased in conventionally grown foods. Compared to traditional and modern organic soils, phosphate fertilizer, which is made from phosphate rock, contains much higher levels of fluoride which can be absorbed into the foods growing in this fertilizer. Unlike pesticides and fumigation products which are sprayed directly on the foods, absorption of fluoride from phosphate fertilizer varies depending on the plant. p. 37: Tea plants, for example, are known for absorbing the highest amounts of fluoride from their soil. Tea plants deposit the absorbed fluoride in their leaves which is why teas are exceptionally high in fluoride. A cup of your average black tea will contain up to 5-times the amount of fluoride found in fluoridated water. The older the tea leaf, the higher the amount of fluoride, which is why bottled Ice Teas commonly contain up to 9-times the amount fluoride found in fluoridated water. [Page3] & As demonstrated in the section Inconsistencies and Contradictions , US & CND dental and public health associations acknowledge these other sources of fluoride when providing guidelines for safe daily fluoride exposure from toothpaste, mouthwash, prescription fluoride supplements , and baby formula which all result in lower daily fluoride exposure than fluoridated water. USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture) Published Research: Foods with High Levels of Fluoride Published Data: Children Overexposed: Unfluoridated Regions Managing Exposure Definition: Chronic Toxicity

  • Dental Fluorosis | Safe Water Calgary

    DENTAL FLUOROSIS A Dental Disaster When fluoridation first began, the proponents promised the American public that the only and worst risk from the program was that something less than 10% of children might have a few faint white spots on their ‘cavity resistant’ teeth which many would find adds an attractive sparkle. ​ Also of note, the researchers in the early fluoridation trials treated African American children differently from the outset, writing that it was common knowledge that Negros have stronger teeth more resistant to decay. ​ It didn’t take long for those involved to realize that something was very wrong, but their reaction per 1962 memo that noted high rates of fluorosis that was doubled in the African American children emphasized protecting the fluoridation program. As both the numbers of Americans and percentage of the population drinking fluoridated water swelled, dental fluorosis also grew, disproportionately and with worse severity in Black and Latino populations. Dental fluorosis is a defect in the tooth due to cell death during the formative stages. Those with dental fluorosis have higher bone fractures as well as higher rates of learning disabilities. Dental fluorosis is the visible evidence of similar defects due to cytotoxic effects that occur in bones and brains during critical periods of development, i.e. prenatal, infancy and early childhood. ​ Dental fluorosis is also a leading indicator of higher dental costs as these unattractive and brittle teeth will require costly veneers and crowns in young adulthood. Per 2011-2012 NHANES figures released in 2017, one in five (23%) American teens have brown mottling and perhaps pitting on at least two fluorosed teeth due to childhood exposure. ​ ​ RESOURCES ​ ​ 2005 CDC MMWR: “Prevalence of enamel fluorosis has increased in cohorts born since 1980.” 2010 CDC Report: “(All levels of) dental fluorosis were higher among adolescents aged 12–15 in 1999–2004 than in 1986–1987.” 2015 “Agua Potable o Veneno” (part 2 of 3): Ethnic Breakdown: 2017 Dental fluorosis is result of apoptosis: 2018 Increase: Conclusion : “There was a difference of 31.6% in dental fluorosis prevalence between 2012-2011 when compared to data from 2002-2001 in adolescents aged 16 and 17 years. The continued increase in fluorosis rates in the U.S. indicates that additional measures need to be implemented to reduce its prevalence.” May 23, 2018

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