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Write to City Council to Advocate for Safe Clean Water

A short personalized letter is best to send to your Councillor, or a version of the letter below.
(Email addresses and distribution lists provided below)


Hello Mayor and Councillor:

I reside in the community of ____________, in Ward ___.

I ask you not to support water fluoridation to be reintroduced in Calgary’s public water. Fluoride and artificial water fluoridation are neither safe, effective nor ethical. 

When added to public water, there is no control over dose, and fluoride is not needed for a single body function.
I will support a Councillor who supports freedom of choice. Artificial water fluoridation denies a person's right to choose, and is done without their informed consent. 

You cannot guarantee that fluoride is safe and effective for everyone.

I look forward to your response.


Say NO to water fluoridation in Calgary

Mayor and Council Members

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