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#WhatTheFluoride Calgary! - PART 3 - Nov 18, 2019

Calgary, AB - November 18 2019 We are trying to stop a disaster and you can help. Email Calgary council and tell them you do not support fluoridation. For details see

#WhatTheFluoride Calgary! A Real Life Story of Malfeasance and the Shattering of Your Individual Rights

PART 3 - How Do You Evaluate the Cost of Children's Brains Being Damaged?

The Tactics of a Toddler

Speaking of children, have you ever had a toddler asking you for something? The can't take NO for an answer! They will ask and ask and ask, sometimes they will rephrase in different ways, sometimes they will wait it out a bit and drag the question until you are at a vulnerable time (like when you are in the toilet, or on the phone) so it get easier for them to get their way. Those, my friends, are the tactics followed by some members of Calgary Council when it comes down to mass medicating you without your informed consent, and for someone's joy and profit, at your expense, through water fluoridation. Sigh!

I stand corrected, did I say "medicating you?", I meant "poisoning you!" because it is a well known fact the fluoride dumped in the water is toxic waste from artificial fertilizer industries.

November 18, 2019 - Money Talks, and Jurisdiction

Today November 18, 2019, and in a totally irresponsible move, Calgary Council approved a motion to spend your tax dollars on pursuing fluoridation. by:

"1. Direct Administration to undertake a full cost analysis for the potential reintroduction of fluoride into the water system including ongoing projected operational costs, City’s authority and jurisdiction with regard to fluoridation, capital cost and possible utility rate impacts; and

2. Report back directly through the Priorities and Finance Committee no later Q2 2020. "

That is the recommendation that Council came up with, October 29, 2019, during the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services - Water Fluoridation Public Hearing. See

As per Attachment 5 CPS2019-0965 "This work is expected to take approximately six months, with an anticipated report back date of June 2020. A consultant would be required to support the analysis, estimated at approximately $100-150K. Additionally, the work may require the Water Utility to defer other work depending on the scope of what would be involved to conduct this analysis."

Do you believe in Leprechauns and pots of gold at the end of rainbows? No? Yeah, me neither. So the cost of analyzing the cost will come from our taxes very inappropriately during current times of scarcity. The estimatewill likely come up with a number higher than the ~6 to 7 million to reinstate the infrastructure to fluoridate plus a yearly cost of ~1 million estimated to be the cost in 2011 . Not to forget about 99% of that fluoridated water will go to do your dishes and down the drain, but hey your car will have no cavities!

Police and Firefighter's, transportation and other budgets are being cut, yet Council thinks it a good idea to waste money on toxic waste. The irony is that if there was ever a spill of caustic fluoride concentrate the Firefighters would have to be called in to handle it.

Oh but I digress! My children are sure learning strategies here! Did you ever had a bad report card to show your parents? You could have clumped it up with a bunch of other papers and topics as to "dilute" its importance. And so today the issue passed as part of "Consent Agenda" (it was specifically item 7.10) which had numerous items on it, so fluoride got no discussion, no debate, and no additional public hearing or input. I think by farming items out to committees by the bunches they can easily just pass them in bulk Costco style, without fanfare and no attention to the matter. See

I have no idea when or how said Cost analysis will be announced but I will keep you all posted

As part of the package, Administration is supposed to follow up on "questions relating to themes of role, authority, jurisdiction and legal issues included: What is The City of Calgary’s role in making a decision about providing fluoridated water? Where would we need to work with other orders of government or regional partners? Would there be opportunities to share costs? What are the legal considerations?" Cause, you know, they wonder if OK to violate your right to choose.

Funny it is, Council also stated "While the recommendations direct a report back on a cost analysis to the Priorities and Finance Committee as the next step, comprehensive public engagement would be recommended before any final decision." Wait a minute! "Public engagement?" Didn't we just had a big Public engagement? Yes we did! So what else they want? We had that public hearing October 29 but the public did not tell them what they wanted to hear. Most of the attendees debunked the myths of fluoridation, thus the pro-fluoride council members performed a move that will keep dragging the issue and made matters entirely a question of money and jurisdiction.

Today I lost faith on my City's officials. It was a sad day when Council turned a blind eye and a deaf ear the latest science on brain and thyroid damage by fluoride; when good conscience and common sense are disregarded, and a sad day if we citizens allow it.

For more on the story read PART 2 (coming soon …)

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