To better understand how much sugar kids, the elderly and our general population are consuming, this page features a number of serious documentaries & academic presentations.

Rising tooth decay, along with diabetes type 2 & other chronic health disorders associated with dangerous levels of sugar intake from products deceivingly marketed as healthy is a phenomena the processed food industry do not want becoming common knowledge. Yet if Calgary is going to successfully reduce tooth decay amongst  our children, elderly & general population, we are going to need to address the processed snacks & meals too many well intentioned parents have come to mistakenly believe are healthy for their kids.

Tooth decay is rising here, and started several years ago as confirmed by data from Alberta Health services showing childhood
tooth decay rising for the 7 years prior to 2011 (fluoridated) & continuing to rise at the same rate since (fluoridation ceased).
Rising tooth decay has also been observed in the following regions which happen to all be heavily fluoridated: Edmonton, regions in Ontario, Kentucky (98% fluoridated), and Ireland (70% fluoridated)