1. A major court case is underway in the US Federal Courts since 2016, against the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for adding a toxic substance to water. Confirmed under oath—fluoride is a medication!

  2. Politicians should NOT mass medicate, nor should citizens vote by plebiscite on who should be medicated. Choice is of utmost importance!!

  3. It is highly unethical to mass medicate, especially without informed consent, monitoring or follow up.

  4. Skyrocketing fluorosis is the first visible sign of overdosing and toxicity.

  5. 98% of British Columbia, 98% of Quebec, 97% of Europe and 95% of our world do NOT fluoridate. Non-fluoridated areas are in the vast majority!

  6. Water fluoridation does NOT make economic sense in good economic times and most certainly not in tough, tight economies.

  7. 99% of fluoridated water is used to water lawns, flush toilets, shower and bath, and also by industry; then flushed into our ecosystems mostly unchecked. This is NOT green.

  8. Fluoride is NOT a vitamin or nutrient, and is NOT needed for a single body function.

  9. Fluoride and fluoridation are most harmful to babies, children, the disadvantaged, the poor and people of colour.

  10.  Fluoride is a proven neurotoxin and is one of the most toxic substances on the planet, more toxic than lead and almost as toxic as arsenic! NOT what we want to add to our pristine public water! 


Content on this website has been vetted by PhDs in Biochemistry & Chemistry, a former dean of Science, pharmacists, and PhDs in Toxicology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and other related fields from across Canada and the United States.

Two of these researchers took part in the National Academies of Sciences' National Research Council's (NRC) 3.5 year 
Systematic Review on the effects of fluoride in drinking water. The NRC review along with the year 2000 York Review and year 2015 Cochrane Review are the only independent comprehensive systematic reviews ever conducted on the effects of fluoride in drinking water.