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The ethical and safety dilemma of fluoridating public water:

  • Water is a basic need. Chemicals added to water to treat the water's safety is one thing. Chemicals added to water to "treat" the people drinking the water is another thing. Not only is there no way to control the dose for a drug once added to public water, but this practice also denies people's right of consent. 

  • Even with toothpaste, people can choose fluoridated or non fluoridated toothpaste. For babies, fluoridated toothpaste companies specifically offer non-fluoridated toothpaste choices that are marketed as safe to swallow. 

  • Unlike the 1960s, conventionally grown & especially processed foods / drinks now contain significant amounts of fluoride due to the common use of phosphate fertilizer, fluoride based pesticides, and the processing of foods and drinks with fluoridated water.

  • Add the amounts of fluoride people absorb from fluoridated dental products, and this is why published research shows that children living in regions without fluoridated water are often already ingesting too much fluoride. And for people who truly want their children and themselves swallowing more fluoride, prescription fluoride supplements are available for $13/year. 

  • If we truly want public health measures that reduce tooth decay amongst the financially disadvantaged, elderly & general population, our public health associations need to roll up their sleeves & provide effective programs such as the Scottish Child Smile program, as they have been successfully lowering tooth decay, particularly in deprived communities, without adding any fluoride to their water. 

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