How to get involved

There are various ways you can help ensure that our water is not used to deliver a drug, especially one as controversial as fluoride.

1. Sending an email to the Councillors in Calgary is one of the most effective and appropriate actions you can take.
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2. You can also share your letter on Facebook and/or post a short video of yourself expressing your views. 


Keep in mind that you don't need to be an expert on fluoridation to understand that water is a basic need.

Chemicals added to water to treat the water's safety is one thing. Chemicals added to water to "treat" the people drinking the water is another thing. Not only is there no way to control the dosage for a drug once added to public water, but this practice also denies people's right of consent.

Even with toothpaste, people can choose to either buy fluoridated or non fluoridated toothpaste. For babies, even the fluoridated toothpaste companies offer non fluoridated toothpaste choices.

Also, unlike the 1960s, many conventionally grown and especially processed foods and drinks are full of fluoride due to the common use of phosphate fertilizer, the use of fluoride based pesticides, and the processing with fluoridated water.

Add the amounts of fluoride people absorb from fluoridated toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels, foams and varnishes, and one begins to understand why so much published research is showing that people living in non-fluoridated regions are already getting too much fluoride.

If we want to implement public health measures that truly reduce tooth decay amongst the financially disadvantaged, the elderly and our general population, we're going to need our regulatory agencies and health and educational services to roll up their sleeves and provide the guidance and support necessary for people to choose foods that are not filled with deceiving amounts of concentrated sugar, cut back on acidic foods and drinks that can soften and erode enamel, and facilitate access to dental health services. This is how communities in non fluoridated regions in BC, Quebec and Europe have less tooth decay than fluoridated regions.

This website provides more than enough valid and verifiable data for people to better understand why our water is much safer without fluoridation chemicals.

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Please write the Calgary councillors.